Current Keel Design

Stuart Baily has drawn up the shape of his Current Keel Dimensioned drawings.
Note: these are for a Mk2 Bradwell, a Mk1 is slightly different (around 15mm shorter)

Proposed Modified Design

Stuart also has worked with a friend of his to try and improve the
design of the keel. The idea behind the new design is to prevent the centre plate lifting off the front pivot pin
if/when the lifting mechanism become detached. Using cardboard models, we believe the new design achieves this, but as it is
not tested in the real world, cannot be guaranteed. Dimensioned drawings.

Handle design

Max Holt has provided details of the original keel handle design

Stuart Baily has had a solid keel handle made up for his Bradwell.
This was constructed by

DC Marine Ltd, of Ashwellthorpe (01508 489406) for £60 (2005).
Dimensioned drawings.

The Drop Keel

The Drop Keel