Mk 1 Bradwell 18 - River Rat
Mk 1 Bradwell 18 – River Rat

“The Bradwell is an 18 foot cruising yacht, offering to the owner more than usual comfort facilities and space found in boats of comparable size. The Bradwell 18 also offers sailing characteristics not unlike those of a good dinghy. Yet being strong in construction has been proven under test to be exceptionally safe in adverse conditions. The drop keel allows the Bradwell to be trailed easily and launched with the minimum amount of effort and sits comfortably on most moorings. For trailing, the mast stores neatly on the superstructure and rigging is a quick and easy operation. The Bradwell 18 is recognised as an excellent boat designed by experts for beginners and the next step up from dinghies and a good performer for the experienced cruiser sailor.” From the Specification sheet/price list that was in Cupido’s papers

Mk2 Bradwell 18 - Cupido
Mk2 Bradwell 18 – Cupido

In a review of 18’&19′ boats by Practical Boat Owner in July 2001. They described the Bradwell 18 as having good directional stability and modest performance.

If you have any information on any aspect of the Bradwell 18, its builders or designers please let me know.

There is an active discussion group on Facebook, a good place to find friendly advice.